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Superstar, Billionaire,
Fashion Icon, Influencer,
Actress, Singer, Cow.

Superstar, Billionaire,
Fashion Icon, Influencer,
Actress, Singer, Cow.

PAW Patrol

The Creator

Keith Chapman is a multi award-winning British television writer and producer, best known as the creator of two of the world’s most popular preschool shows, PAW Patrol and Bob the Builder.

Keith Chapman


  • Each of the 3,333 Moonie Moo NFTs were all uniquely randomly generated from over 160 possible traits

  • All Moonie Moos are super-glam, some rarer than others.

  • Holders will be able to take part in the creative process of the Animated TV series

  • Each NFT doubles up as one vote in the Moonie Moo DAO

Cartoon Road Map

Animation Studio

Partner with an award-winning Animation Studio to illustrate all 25 characters and assist in the creation of the Animation Bible.

NFT Evolution

Update all Metadata from the original Moonie Moo Genesis NFT collection to the latest animated artwork. This will include a new PFP, a Full Body & Original and will be free of charge to all holders.

Animation Bible

The completion and delivery of the entire Moonie Moo Animation Bible, including all 25 characters, illustrations, descriptions and 4 storylines by Keith Chapman.


Onboard an exciting and innovative writer to create the first 22-minute ‘Moonie Moo’ Pilot script, to accompany the Animation Bible for the Big Pitch.

Executive Producer

Onboard a leading Hollywood producer to head up the production and lead the show.


Present Moonie Moo to the biggest networks in the world, armed with the Animation Bible and a 22-minute Script, pitched by the Creator of PAW Patrol, a leading Hollywood Producer (TBA) & the CEO of MXT.


Become accepted, onboarded, and fully funded by a leading Hollywood Studio. Officially start the pre-production of Moonie Moo.

Celebrity Voices

Post-Greenlight we will target several leading well-known actors and personalities to play roles in the Moonie Moo cartoon series.

Global Brand

We will partner with a world leading licensing agent to secure the best licensing agreements for Moonie Moo worldwide. The start of the Global Brand!

And there's even more...

Yeah, not kidding.

NFT Utilities

Own an NFT created by the world-famous creator & producer of PAW Patrol. Get DAO voting rights of Moonie Moo: Shape the future of the brand, exclusive token-gated access to events and receive $MILK tokens by simply just holding, and gain access to a liquidity pool funded by 15% of the Brand’s net profits.

TV Series/Movies

Moonie Moo is going to be made into a cartoon TV series aimed at teenagers and adults. The series will follow Moonie Moo’s incredible life and the ups and downs even this superstar faces just like the rest of us.

Music Releases

Moonie Moo’s first single will be performed and recorded by a leading female artist and will feature in her TV series. A music video will also be produced for the release of the single.

Fashion Brand

The Moonie Moo Clothing Brand will be developed with the collaboration of a top designer. The range will be from Hats to Shoes and Watches to Handbags, so make sure you get your hands on the latest ‘Moonie Moos’!

Food Products

Moonie Moo will team up with leading Dairy producers to create, produce and distribute her ‘Say Cheese’ range, which will include collections of the finest cheeses, chocolates and milkshakes.


Moonie Moo’s main website, will be the home of her brand. This will be the place to get your hands on her latest products, catch up on the latest news and buy some super cool merchandise.

Moonie’s Backstory

Moonie Moo is about the life of a celebrity cow, a legendary crème de la crème superstar! She’s a supermodel, actress, singer, fashion queen, cheesemaker, and influencer. She’s super-rich and a super-diva too! She’s the girlfriend of a famous racing driver, mother to a spoiled calf, friend of the rich and famous and an inspiration to the ‘moovers’ and groovers. Moonie Moo is a global brand. A huge icon. She’s larger than life!

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Keith Chapman


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