From the creator of PAW Patrol

Keith Chapman’s latest creation “Moonie Moo” will be made available as a Genesis Collection of 3,333 NFTs.

An original NFT collection
from the creator of PAW Patrol, Keith Chapman

Keith Chapman

Chapman’s creations have generated global sales of US$19 billion to date.’

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NFT Overview

Moonie Moo Overview

Each of the 3,333 Moonie Moo NFTs are all uniquely randomly generated from over 200 possible traits.

All Moonie Moos are super-glam, some rarer than others.

Each NFT doubles up as one vote in the Moonie Moo DAO.

Holders will be able to take part in the creative process of the Animated TV series.

NFT Specifications

All Moonie Moos are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Distribution pricing

Minting Phase




6 March 17:00 UTC

0.055 ETH


6 March 23:00 UTC

0.077 ETH

To find out how to become whitelisted, join our Discord.

NFT Specifications

Road Map


Create the original Art & Develop the entire NFT Collection.


Growing the Moonie Moo community by partnering and collaborating with other great projects in Web3.


The official mint launch of the Moonie Moo NFT Collection commences alongside promotions, press & partnerships.

Cartoon TV Series

Produce an animation bible, screen test and pilot episode to be pitched to international broadcasters.


We will pledge a portion of the proceeds from the initial minting of Moonie Moo NFTs to charity.

Food Products

Team up with leading Dairy companies to create, produce and distribute the ‘MOONIE MOO SAYS CHEESE’ brand.

Luxury Brands

We will aim to license Moonie Moo out to luxury brands and other licensees around the world.


Our ambitious plans include releasing a single and music video recorded and performed by a world class artist.


Yes maybe! But we will not promise anything we cannot deliver at any stage, but we hope to see you all in the metaverse soon.

Moonie Moo’s Empire


NFT Utilities

TV Series/Movies

Music Releases

Fashion Brand

Multi-Brand Ambassador

Food Products


Moonie Moo’s Story

Moonie Moo is about the life of a celebrity cow, a legendary crème de la crème superstar! She’s a supermodel, actress, singer, fashion queen, cheesemaker, and influencer. She’s super-rich and a super-diva too! She’s the girlfriend of a famous racing driver, mother to a spoiled calf, friend of the rich and famous and an inspiration to the ‘moovers’ and groovers. Moonie Moo is a global brand. A huge icon. She’s larger than life!

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